Our World is Changing
Clean energy, renewable energy, greenhouse gases, global warming, climate protection, sustainability, energy efficiency, eco-systems, hybrid technologies…These terms and many more have become a standard part of day-to-day conversations across the globe as governments, scientists, utilities, environmentalists and concerned citizens grapple with the many complex issues relating to what to do about conserving our planet’s precious remaining resources, protecting Earth’s fragile ecosystems and providing a sustainable quality of life for mankind in the coming decades. Change is now also being mandated by Federal, State and Local governments. These changes bring with them product innovations that are addressing the need for sustainable solutions utilizing clean energy alternatives. Hybrid vehicles, alternative fuels and sources of energy, energy-efficient commercial and residential construction — all of these and more are transforming the way we conduct business and live each day.

Strategic Marketing Insights And Strategies
For The Public & Private Sectors.

Rainmaker & Sun Integrated Marketing is assisting municipalities, utilities, energy products companies and more by providing them with the critical strategic insights and comprehensive integrated marketing and public relations solutions needed to effectively address today’s rapidly changing environment.

Clients routinely tap us for targeted marketing strategies, cutting-edge creative and flawless implementation to handle a wide array of needs, some of which may be applicable to your business or organization including:

  • A new clean energy product that you plan to bring to market
  • An ad campaign that will raise awareness and generate interest
  • Better product messaging, materials and presentations for your sales efforts
  • Gaining a better grasp of your target market and their key motivators
  • A media plan that increases reach at a lower cost
  • Developing ongoing Public Relations/Community Outreach angles with “legs”
  • Ways to attract new customers and improve retention of current ones
  • Giving a product line or even your organization a fresh new brand look
  • Better ways to make relevant publics (policy makers, businesses and consumers) understand what your program or product is and what it does.

A Complete Array Of Integrated Tactics.
If you are dealing with these or similar market challenges, then Rainmaker & Sun is an excellent resource for you to consider. We are experts in the environmental/energy marketing arena and offer a full array of related marketing services including:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Product launch support
  • Trade show graphics/messaging
  • Market research
  • Product packaging design
  • Merchandising
  • Consumer promotions
  • Online initiatives — website, pay-per-click, online ads, e-commerce, SEO

A few of the clients who have used our services in the environmental/energy sector include:

  • SEMPRA - Southern California Gas Company
  • Anaheim Public Utilities
  • GreenXchange
  • Ice Energy
  • Shell Solar
  • Mediterranean Heating & Air Conditioning

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If you need help in developing effective marketing programs to help your business
grow, give us a call at 818-789-9928, ext. 101. We’d be happy to show you samples and discuss your needs in more detail.


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