What we do is help companies grow faster and more cost effectively than traditional ad agencies. Several factors make this possible, including our fully integrated structure, leading edge experience, proven expertise, value driven price points and faster turnaround. (These are elaborated on in the "Why Us?" section of this website.) Aside from these features, our ability to help clients achieve their marketing goals with uncommon speed and efficiency stems from how we view the marketing paradigm. We come from the perspective that to grow and succeed in today's ultra-cluttered business environment, you must do an excellent job at strategizing, leveraging and synchronizing every communications opportunity. This is why Rainmaker & Sun focuses on providing clients with powerful, fully integrated solutions that draw upon the full gamut of marketing disciplines, including:

By carefully synchronizing strategies and vigilantly orchestrating tactics and their deployment, we create higher impact campaigns that generate more trial usage by new customers, while maximizing the loyalty and profitability of existing ones.


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